Our Butchers


All of our meat is butchered by Eynon’s of St Clears in Carmarthenshire, Wales. They are a family run business, with butchery in the family since 1860. Eynon’s hand pick all of the products they send to us, meaning we receive the highest-quality cuts of meat possible. 

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The beef that we serve at Kuti’s Brasserie is all completely fresh and organic. We source our beef from two farms in Devon and Cornwall, meaning that you are only being served 100% British produce, in any beef dish you choose.

Our top quality beef is aged in a Himalayan Salt Chiller, which gives the meat a wonderful nutty flavour and tenderness, which grows in complexity over time.


Here is a description of the Salt Chiller process, as described by Eynon’s Butchers.


“Salt’s unique preservative characteristic comes from its unique molecular structure composed of concentrated, dynamically charged atoms that penetrate the meat and other foods to extract moisture and limit the growth of microbes that cause the meat to spoil.

While moisture is drawn out of the meat salt particles simultaneously travel into the meat, encouraging good bacteria to create flavour. This slow process is called osmosis and it transforms the quality of the meat.

Enzymes within the meat break down natural sugars, releasing lactic or acetic acid that breaks down proteins and fats into smaller molecules that gradually produce a spectrum of tasty compounds.

Salt also improves the texture and appearance of meat by relaxing protein strands within muscle cells. This creates tenderness and enhances the appearance of the meat.


Our Lamb is all free-range, and is sourced from Welsh Salt Marshes, making the meat incredibly tender and giving the lamb a unique flavour. Salt marsh Welsh Lamb is the highest quality Lamb available to source from the UK.

Lambs have always grazed on the Welsh Salt Marshes, however this method of raising lambs was not considered a specialty until recently. Salt Marsh grazing lambs have been popular in France for many years, with the Salt Marsh meat being considered a ‘terroir delicacy’.

The reason this lamb is different from standard lamb, is the high salt levels in the soil which grows the plants that the lambs graze from, and the greater iodine content of the plants themselves. This means the muscle cells in the meat retain more moisture, creating a tender ‘melt in your mouth’ feel. The fact that the salt marsh fields are washed with seawater also acts as a natural barrier against bacteria that could threaten the lambs, as well as reducing the amount of chemicals needed to raise the animals.


Kuti’s Brasserie’s Chicken is sourced from Soanes Poultry in the Yorkshire Wolds. Soanes Poultry is a family run business, with four generations of Chicken rearing experience. The Chickens are all grain-fed from local farms, which means they retain a beautiful flavour and texture for our guests to enjoy. Kuti is proud to be able to trace where our chicken comes from, and to rely on the quality and sustainability of the British farmers that provide it.

Soanes Poultry says:

“For four generations we’ve staked our name on traceable, sustainable and responsible farming with high animal welfare standards at our core.” 

If you wish to learn more, please click here to visit the Soanes Website.