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  • Jul 8 2019
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Kuti’s Brasserie is Officially the Best Indian Restaurant in the UK

Kuti’s Brasserie has been awarded the prestigious Tiffin Cup 2019, an annual competition in which restaurants are put forward by local MPs.

Kuti and Chef Ravi Rao travelled to the House of Commons in London to take part in the Tiffin Cup.

Following being nominated by Royston Smith MP as the best restaurant in Southampton Itchen, Kuti’s was invited to compete with ten other restaurants from places like London, Glasgow, and Manchester.

Kuti said: “I was given a job by the people of Southampton to make the city number one, and I am satisfied now that we have achieved this.

“I am incredibly proud of my city, and I present this trophy to the people of Southampton.”

On the day, following arrival at the House of Commons, the chefs began to prepare their dishes.

The kitchen was small and there was not enough room for every chef to use their usual equipment, but Chef Ravi rose to the challenge.

The 11 Chefs began cooking in staggered timeslots to allow for each dish to be ready in ten minute intervals for the judging panel to taste.

The nine Judges included celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott and Great British Bake off alumnus Chetna Makan.

Each dish was rated on presentation and flavour.

Chef Ravi from Kuti’s prepared Sikandari Royal Lamb for the judges. The judges and guests then all enjoyed a catered Indian meal.

The awards were then presented and the speaker of the House, John Bercow, announced the winners and presented the awards

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